Team game on the arena of ca. 200 m2. Occupy or destroy Opponent’s base. You can play either as a Team, or individually.

Each game lasts 20 or 40 minutes
(with a 10  min break)
Age restrictions – from 7 years old!!!

Rules of the TEAM Game

Maximum number of players – 12 persons. 2 Teams, 2 Opponent’s bases. Within allotted time your Team must earn as many points as possible. The Team causing most damage to Opponent’s team wins by score.

Rules of the INDIVIDUAL Game

Maximum players – 2 to 12 persons
Each Player plays for himself. The winner is the Player who scored maximum points.



Our cozy video game room invites you to spend time with the heroes of your favorite computer games

You can play both individually and in groups of up to 4 people and organize group championship


Age restrictions are set solely by the manufacturers of the games


ATRACCIÓN KIDS is a fabulous world of joy, where 3 to 7 years little fidgets can relax, have fun and meet new friends.

Parents can always be sure their kids are taken good care of by experienced animators.

Our animators will do master classes, aqua makeup and simply entertain your children.

 Drawing boards and tables, books and cartoons in different languages, constructor sets and cubes, dolls and many other toys are at the disposal of children. These are very popular among children, and help developing their clarity of movement, dexterity, imagination and communication skills. Equipment and materials are of high quality, reliable and safe for children.


While children are having fun and excitement, not only their parents can relax in our Bar Atracción, but also play different board games – table football, darts, pool, backgammon, parchis, scrable, monopoly, chess and much more...